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  • This article is about how to teach a 2-year-old toddler/baby at home.
  • Shared best tips on how I taught to my kid to do actions , how to recognize body parts, how to start scribbling and much more and most vital role is how to start writing.
  • It develops a special bond between you and your child when we teach them at home.

At 2 years of Age:

  • In this age teach them actions such as Hi, Hi-Fi, Bye.
  • Teach them how to show body parts for example if you ask where is head that toddler should touch his/her head and show, for eyes show them as blinking, for hands show as waving & so on……
  • After these teaching common actions just go for teaching Rhymes with actions. It may be in English, Hindi or any in your mother tongue languages.
  • The first Rhyme I prefer is

At 3 years of Age :

  • Did you know child usually starts to understand the difference between drawing & writing by the age of three.
  • Give your toddler a head start by teaching them some basics using these tips.

How to teach a child to write?


  • Make It a Fun !

            Kids start writing when colours and patterns entertain them. Let them create different designs using slate & chalk.

  • Ensure a Good grip

            Give your child a pencil or a crayon which fits his palms comfortably, providing a good grip. This will make writing easy to your kid.

  • Allow them to Scribble

               Let your child start scribbling in a plain paper do not stop him. Seeing designs appear on a paper will encourage them to scribble more.

  • Show Enthusiasm and Excitement while they write

              Show excitement by clapping and saying super, good etc every time your child scribbles something. This will make them happy and encourage them to write more.



  • Make the Margin lines more visible

              In a plain paper draw a big circle or square or triangle or rectangle or any different shapes where they have margins orborder within that they can scribble. And enjoy writing or scribbling.

  • Make use of Tracing

              Tracing will make it much easier for a child to learn the curves & lines in a shapes. Draw a few shapes and let your child trace them.

  • Limit their Interaction with electronic devices

               Mobiles and Tablets may make your child lose interest in writing. Also avoid teaching him how to write on a tablet as it will make a lose to hold a grip on holding a pencil. 

How to teach a child to write Alphabets ?

  • When should we begin teaching the alphabet?

                Once they learn tracing we should go for a basic things of writing Alphabets. First they should learn alphabets orally and make them to recognize all 26 letters.

  • Should we start with Upper case or Lower case?

First always teach them capital letters

(A B C D E……Z).

  • What are the best methods to teach alphabets?

  • First start with strokes.
  • Strokes means

      1. Standing Line ( | )

      2. Sleeping Line (-)

      3. Right Slanting Line ( \ )

      4. Left Slanting Line ( / )

      5. Right Curve ( ( )

       6. Left Curve ( ) )

        7. Upward ( U )

        8. Downward ( n)

        9. Circle ( O )

        10. Dot ( . )

  • Using these strokes we can teach them Upper case and  Lower case alphabets very easily and children’s also learn very fast.
  • Through this strokes they can also learn numbers very fast.
  • When you teach strokes for children’s make them start practice Alphabets in four line note books.
  • They can learn easily alphabets using those border lines. So use four line note books or copy writing books. 

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